Popular Coconut Oil

a 100% pure coconut oil, Popular Coconut Oil is a leading brand in packaged coconut hair oil industry, having presence in Indian Markets since 1978.

Coconut Hair Oil is the first choise of every Indian women compare to any other hair oils available in markets because of its extraordinary benefits such as its natural existense, beautiful smell, free from any impurities, non presence of any toxic ingredients & mineral oils.

Popular Coconut Oil makes hair stronger, thicker, shinier, control dandruff. Popular Coconut Oil is available in Bottles, Easy Jars, Tins

Packing : Bottles - 50ml,100ml,200ml,500ml
Jars - 100ml,200ml
Tins - 200ml, 500ml
Jerry Cane - 2 Ltr, Ltr

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